We design with passion to create products we love.

Starting from scratch and working together with other innovative minds, we turn ideas into reality. Regarding our values we aim for the most open and dynamic way of thinking and never forget to have fun.


Our products need to solve an issue of a practical or emotional nature. Giving the process of thinking the importance it deserves allows us to surpass limits. We value the honest use of materials and precision in production. With a higher concept in mind, we dig deep to uncover the best ideas. We care about refined details and are always happy to add a twist that makes you smile.


What if? The result of this approach, applied to specific products, is what our concept works are. To push the boundaries of Design you have to be visionary. Visionary knowing to have a wide and deep understanding for technical feasibility, market demands and more than anything: Visual importance. This is how our concepts come to be. Or actually they're not that conceptual,but rather a possibility.


Whatever way you choose to work with us, we give our very best to get you the best.


We sit together for us to get your point and for you to know exactly what you get.


Knowing everything is key when working on a topic. That‘s what we do here.


Think, draw & shape that knowledge into visualized concepts for us to discuss.


Bring the best of those visualized concepts into a hands on functional prototype.


The result is a prototype and data you can use to go into production.

Graphic design

Have it in your head but can‘t quite bring it to screen/paper? Let‘s do it together.

CAD work

You want your idea to take on a digital shape for production? Yes we CAD.


We will start our engines to make pretty much anything you can imagine.

Model making

A model is at the origin of any successful industrial product. We build yours.

& more ...

You need something else? In most cases we know something or someone.


Realize you 3D visions by removing material from a solid block via mill bit.


Build your idea layer by layer, choose from many materials and colors.


Cut and engrave your ideas into raw materials and existing objects.


Make use of old school machines to make happen your new school ideas.


In 2014 product designers Marco Giarrana, Patrik Hasler and Roger Herzog got together to found Zurich based STUDIO FROM SCRATCH. This original bunch of people combined their product design skills with their knowledge of aviation, machining, carpentry, IT and bicycles. In 2015 Stefanie Zweifel joined the team, bringing experience in ceramic, object and interior design into the mix.

Patrik Hasler

Designer & Founder

Marco Giarrana

Designer & Founder

Roger Herzog

Designer & Founder

Stefanie Zweifel

Designer & Founder

Let’s get in contact and start something great together.

Glärnischstrasse 297
CH-8708 Männedorf